PACE engines Product Development
V12 Product Development

Testing of supercharger and ancillary drives:

World's smallest cast cylinder head with full water jacket:

For development of the casting process computer tomography analysis was done on several cylinder heads.

Valves and tappets:

 System pre-developement engine control system: optimisation of sensor assembly

  cylinder liners:

 TIG-welding of an exaust header:

 Predevelopment of telemetry system for analysis of structual moving parts:

Development of telemetry: receiver side

crank- and camshafts:

The cylinder honing tool for our bore size was developed inhouse using FEA.

Balancing of the compressor wheel together with shaft and nuts on the balancing machine developed inhouse:

  • Kurbelwelle
  • MotortrĂƒÂ¤ger
  • Hallgeber
  • ECU
  • cylinder heads
  • propeller shafts
  • Teile10
  • Teile11
  • Teile12
  • Teile13
  • Teile14
  • Teile15
  • Teile16
  • Teile17
  • Teile18
  • Teile19




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