PACE engines V12 Aircraft Engine
The „PACE 263“ Aircraft Engine

this is a 12 cylinder V engine, encompassing besides a forced feed lubrication liquid cooling, fuel injection and a mechanically driven radial compressor.

Furthermore, it is foreseen to be used together with a hydraulic constant speed propeller.

Due to the specific set up of the oil circuit, the engine is suitable for unrestricted aerobatics and can be alternatively mounted in a standing or inverted position.

The engine is equipped with an electric starter for safe and comfortable starting.

This engine is foreseen for installation in big scale models as well as racing boats.

Covering design, calculations/simulations and prototyping of highly precise parts, we are able to realize the entire development process chain professionally. These abilities enable us to bring into being such propulsion systems in an optimized way.

From now on, all PACE 263 engines are equipped with the new PACE multipoint injection system for best performance.

The complete PACE 263 engine:

The assembled crank mechanism:

Assembled Cylinder Heads:

Engine at final assembling:

Adjustment of timing:

Assembly of the ancillaries unit:

 The most important parts of the PACE 263 aircraft engine:

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